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Caution, Finding a Deal Can Be Costly

Caution finding a deal can be costly

As we travel the neighborhoods of Charlotte and its surrounding cities, we are constantly confronted with correcting a mistake that happened with a previous pressure washing company. Last week, we were called out to a neighborhood in Charlotte to correct a house wash. The customer explained that she had her home pressure washed a few weeks prior, but that her HOA was still not satisfied with the cleanliness.

Upon arrival, I was quickly able to see that the house was cleaned with high pressure, and not the necessary chemicals that are designed to pull organic growth from house siding.

She needed her house professionally washed, and I intended to get this resolved for her. I then properly secured all exterior electrical outlets, cameras, light fixtures and the fan on her patio. I then properly mixed the chemicals needed to remove organic growth such as mold and algae from her house siding. Lastly, I tarped and covered the delicate bushes and plants near her home, so that the chemicals had no chance of damaging it, then pressure washed her house.

She Had to Pay For The Same Service Twice!!!

Caution finding a deal can be costly

There are two major issues here. I am all for finding a good deal, but licensed and insured professionals just do not come cheap often. Look at the pictures. The previous company used too much pressure because they were not experienced enough to understand that cleanliness is in the chemical, not the pressure. She paid this guy $150, and then had to pay me the $350 I charged to properly wash the house. The catch here is that she told me I was too expensive when I quoted her the first time. She found this "deal" that ended up costing her a total of $500 to get her home pressure washed twice, instead of the one time charge of $350 for it to be done correct the first time. Also, she has the high pressure lines throughout her house due to the other company's inexperience, which will cost about $700 for us to correct. Moral of the story is to hire a professional for your pressure washing needs, and be careful about "deals." In the end, she will have paid $150, plus $350, plus $700(to remove the pressure lines), instead of the original one time charge of $350.

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