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Dirty Roof?

Could Cause damage worth thousands

Two Words:


That fancy, scientific word above is simply referring to bacterial fungus commonly found on roofs in Charlotte, Nc and its surrounding states. It can be mistaken for algae but commonly presents itself as black streaks and stains on the roof. This bacteria can grow fast on roofs due to its protective barrier to UV rays and feeding off of moisture.

This Bacteria is very harmful to roofs in that it eats away at the limestone granules that are within the roof shingles and will destroy your roof over time. This causes gaps and/or holes that can rot out the wood underneath and cause leaks and other damage.

McNeil Pressure Washing LLC are your Charlotte roof cleaning experts and can help prevent this from happening with a roof wash. We are not pressure washing the roof, but rather soft washing. Pressure washing a roof can damage the shingles so it is important to follow the correct cleaning method when doing this. Did you know that the average cost to replace a shingle roof in NC for 3000 sqft is about $7000-$9000, whereas the average cost to wash that same size roof is about $700-$1100?

If you get your roof washed and then maintained every 1-2 years thereafter, you can extend the life of your roof significantly, saving you both time and money long term. Use our contact page to receive a fast and free estimate or give us a call

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