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How To Best Protect And Maintain Your Driveway

Driveway cleaning

McNeil Pressure Washing LLC is here to give you all the tips and tricks to better maintain your driveway here in Charlotte. Your driveway is an important part of your property and should be treated as such. There are more than just pressure washing methods to maintain your driveway, so read on to learn more.

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Keep On Eye On Trees And Plants

Roots of trees and large plants can easily grow under your driveway. If these trees and plants are not maintained to a proper height and level of growth, they can push up underneath your driveway and cause some serious damage. They may cause cracking and complete breakages.

Maintain Your Vehicle

The vehicles that you park on your driveway can leak fluids that can leave hard-to-clean stains. Make sure that your vehicles are properly inspected and maintained to avoid leaks and stains. If these stains do happen, you can invest in driveway washing services to get rid of them.

It's also good practice to avoid parking your vehicle on the very edges of your driveway. The weight can cause the edges to crack and break since they are not as strong as the center of your driveway.

Seal Your Driveway

While McNeil Pressure Washing LLC does not offer concrete sealing services, it's beneficial for you to find a business that does. Sealing your driveway will help protect it from the elements. Sealants will help preserve your driveway from the damages that can be sustained by the sun's rays and heat, as well as from the rain.

Getting your driveway sealed is something that should be done after a proper driveway washing service. A clean surface allows for the sealant to properly do its job, just like cleaning the exterior of your home helps a coat of paint to stick better. Contact your local concrete sealer provider to learn more about how you can seal your driveway and protect it from the elements.

Keep Water From Pooling

Water that is left to pool on a concrete surface can prove to be damaging. While water may not seem like a huge threat, if left to pool on the surface of your unsealed driveway, it can cause potholes, cracking, and breakages. This can be prevented by sealing your driveway or ensuring that your driveway is properly leveled so that water runs down into drains.

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