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Preparing For a Pressure Washing Visit in Charlotte


Preparing for pressure washing

If you have come to this page, you are most likely expecting an upcoming visit from McNeil Pressure Washing LLC for your home's power washing needs. There are a number of simple steps to take in order to ensure that you get the most from this experience but we will cover just a few.

How to prepare

Rather you are a first time home owner going through the process for the first time, or you’ve had a power washing service performed at your residence in the past, we have a unique way to ensure that your property is protected and that we are able to access all parts of your house siding to wash.

  • Please move all porch and patio furniture away from the house. We include a small amount of Sodium Hypochlorite(Chlorine), so fabrics and other sensitive items can turn colors if the SH comes in contact with it. If you have items in the porch area such as door wreaths, welcome signs/mats, lounge chairs, benches, tables, bird houses or the like, please remove them off the porch and into the grass if you are physically able.
    The patio, however, can have furniture as long as it all is at least five to ten feet away from house siding. If there is anything hanging on the house, please remove it. Cameras, lights and the like do not need to be removed, as we cover those items with plastic to protect them.
  • If you will not be home, please ensure gates/fences are unlocked. If the gates are not unlocked for us to access the backyard, we will not be able to wash that section of the house. If we have to come back out later to do so, it could result in a “trip charge”. If the key will be placed in a safe location for us to access it, please inform us. Also, if there are any pets, please bring them inside prior to our arrival. We do not want to accidentally cause harm to those lovely pets.
  • You do not pay until the project is complete. We do not accept payment until after the job has been completed. We would like for you to look at your property first and give you time to ask questions if needed. We do not rush our customers as we understand that you may be working or busy at the time of our completion. Payment information is attached to the invoice we send over electronically after service. The information to pay via credit card, zelle and cashapp are all noted on the invoice.
  • Please read the description of your service on the estimate. This is a very important and critical step. If you are on this page, you most likely have accepted the estimate, but if you have not already, please go back and read it. Everything that we will be pressure washing is on the estimate. Oftentimes after a job is complete, there is some confusion as to why something was not washed. Recently, we washed a home when the homeowner was at work. The estimate was clear that we were washing the siding, gutters, soffits, and eaves. He was upset to return home to see that his stairs leading to the back door were not washed. I am not sure if he read the estimate or not but if you have any questions about your estimate, please reach out.
  • Ensure the driveway is clear. If we are power washing your driveway, please remove all cars. Even if you are only having your house washed, if possible, please remove vehicles from the driveway.

How we prepare your house

Now that we have you informed on how to prepare for your upcoming visit, here is what we do before we get started.

  • Upon arrival, you will receive a notification that we have arrived and begun work. We will knock on your door and invite you along for our pre inspection walkthrough. This is completely optional.
  • During our initial walkthrough, we are inspecting your house for any hazards or damage. We are looking for holes in the siding, loose window frames, hanging gutters, damaged plants, window screens and anything else that may be damaged.
  • We then will locate all electrical outlets, cameras, light fixtures, exterior speakers and tvs, fans etc. We do not always cover all cameras and light fixtures though depending on its condition as most of the time, they are weatherproof. If there are sensitive plants or a garden within about ten feet of the house, we will cover that also. We take property protection very seriously and do not cause any damage.

Upon Completion

After we complete your house wash, we make contact with the homeowner if you are home and invite you to do a walkaround of your home to ensure your standards are met. During this time, you have the opportunity to ask questions about what we did, point out any potential errors or simply admire the finished product.

The walkthrough is important because you can see what the house looks like when it is complete. During the warm weather, a neighbor may have their grass cut, and with blowing wind, the dead grass can sometimes hit your home's siding. We like for our customers to see the finished product when it is complete so there are no misunderstandings.

If you are not home when we finish, there is no cause for pause. We will simply take pictures of the before and after product and attach them to the invoice. We usually only take pictures of the most noticeable spots such as green algae growth, dark mold growth, and loose dirt spots.

Along with the invoice, we send a link to our Google and Facebook page for you to rate your experience with our company. You may also leave a review along with the rating. This is so important for the credibility of small businesses such as this one. Oftentimes our customers intend to leave reviews but get busy. That is why we recommend leaving a rating immediately upon receipt of the link.

We are the best power washing in Charlotte and you can expect to receive that level of service and quality since you have or will be booking with us.

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