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Pressure Wash or Soft Wash?

pressure wash or soft wash

Ahh, the great debate. We are oftentimes in Charlotte and its surrounding cities performing our work, beautifying homes, and keeping our customers off the HOA list. Oftentimes, our customers request us to soft wash their home instead of pressure washing it. What they may not understand, is that an experienced professional will almost never use any real pressure against their home as it is simply not needed.

But First, What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is when a professional uses either a batch mixing system or a metering system to apply chemicals to a house or building structure with the help of a tank and water pump. The pressure coming out of the wand on a soft wash system usually does not exceed 100 psi, making it a safe alternative to pressure washing. Due to a previous bad experience with an inexperienced company or “$99 man,” some customers prefer to stay away from pressure washing and rather soft washing.

The Truth!

Pressure washers can be adjusted to put out about 100 psi, making it the equivalent of a soft wash system. The truth is, most professionals use a soft wash system mainly to clean brick, stucco and concrete as it allows for a stronger output of solution on surfaces. We rely on our properly mixed solution to do the majority of the work and then rinse. Pressure is not the source of cleaning most homes and structures, but rather, the solution mix. Once we explain this to our customers, and even sometimes show a sample spot, they trust us to proceed with pressure washing their home.

The Conclusion!

Most companies are pushing a soft wash craze, because it extends the life of their pressure washer and can be more convenient to use. It's potatoes potautoes, a matter of preference. It is safe to have your house pressure washed, as we do not rely on pressure to clean most homes. Soft wash systems are most effective for washing stucco, brick and concrete, due to the ability to apply a stronger solution of chemical than what a pressure washer can output.

As always, McNeil Pressure Washing strives to bring affordable pricing to the community while not sacrificing the customer experience or end result. Contact us for more information.

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