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Chik-fil-a Parking Lot Cleaning In Charlotte, NC

Chik-fil-a Parking Lot Cleaning In Charlotte, NC

We had a builder company reach out to us to give a quote on a newly renovated Chikfila in Charlotte, Nc. They needed the cement splatter washed off the building and windows. They also wanted to get all the debris and red clay pressure washed off the concrete sidewalks, curbs, and fresh asphalt. Once the quote was accepted for the parking lot cleaning, we got to work. We first did a power washing on the building to address the cement splatter at the lower parts. We used acid based chemical and turbo nozzle to accomplish this without damaging the brick and mortar. We then did a pressure washing on the concrete and the asphalt with about 800 psi as to not damage the new pore. We did not use any chemical as that will mess up the fresh parking lot striping and could cause damage to the new asphalt. We used a bronze pad and a flat edge scraper to get the cement off the windows. This had to be done correctly in order not to scratch the windows. The builders were extremely happy with the exterior cleaning and we look forward to future work.

Location: Charlotte, NC

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