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Church Building Washing in Waxhaw, NC

Church cleaning

So while in Waxhaw, we saw a church that was in serious need of washing. It was extremely moldy and had calcite purging out of the brick. Calcite os the white cloudy substance on the brick. That robs the brick of its color. I first treated the mold on the brick building with a hot mix and let it work a while since this was really bad. I then pressure washed the spots to completely remove black mold. I then tested the white spots as it could have been oxidation runoff or efflorescence also. After testing a few chemicals to see the reaction, I was able to identify it as calcite and then treated that also. Afterward, I power washed it and was able to get the brick back to its natural color. I only did a few sample spots to show the church what their entire building would look like after I wash it.


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