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Commercial Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NC

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McNeil Pressure Washing LLC was called to give a quote on soft washing the awnings at two locations of Noodles & Company. We spoke with the area manager and sent over a quote, which he then accepted. We went out to a location in Gastonia as well as the University location.

I noticed that not only mold and algae growth were on the awnings, but lichen, which is very stubborn and over time can ruin the color of the awnings. Thankfully we were called and addressed it. We did not use a pressure washing on the awnings as it could damage them and cause tears. Instead we treated with a string solution and then rinsed. We had to do this process about three times to fully defeat the organic growth but it turned out beautiful and the area manager was thrilled with our expertise, professionalism and communication through the process. We are a residential as well as commercial exterior cleaning company. We have a pending estimate to pressure wash the patio area and entrance ways to remove the mold and gum from the concrete.

Service provided: Commercial Pressure Washing

Location: Charlotte, NC

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