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Commercial Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NC

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The Hampton Inn at Northlake area contacted us to give them a quote to have the buildings sidewalks and curbs pressure washed due to green algae, mold and mildew buildup on the property. After the quote was agreed upon, we came out and got to power washing the hotel. They put signs up at the entry and exit point to let their customers know that there was exterior cleaning taking place. It took us about nine hours to complete the pressure washing of hotel. We went on Wednesday, which is one of their slowest days. It is always important to properly plan when commercial pressure washing since there are much more consequential risk involved with customers and employees. We did not need a boom lift for this job either as the pressure washer we use easily reaches about five stories high, and thank God, no wind was blowing. We ended up treated the stucco siding for organics, and then went back to rinse the treatment off after a few minutes. We went back the next day to wash the sidewalks and curbs, which took us about six and a half hours to complete. This was the first hotel we washed in Charlotte, NC and it was fairly smooth. I conducted a walkthrough with the Gm and assistant, they pointed out a couple areas to address a again, which I did, and they loved the finished result, so much that another location in Huntersville hired us to do some cleaning.

Location: Charlotte, NC

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