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Composite Deck Washing in Charlotte, NC

Deck washing

Got a call from a person inquiring about having his composite deck washed. I went to his home and assessed the condition of the deck as to ensure I take the correct approach and use the correct detergent to clean it. I spoke with the customer about what I believed the end result would be and we agreed to proceed. I got the deck damp and then treated it with the necessary detergent. I let the detergent work into the composite deck for about 10 minutes and then pressure washed it. Afterwards, I put on a second coat of detergent and power washed it again to ensure no mold was left over. Gave it one last soft rinse and boom, just like that the mold was washed away with another satisfied customer.


Client Review

Did an amazing job!!!! I would hire them everytime!!!

- Dan L

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