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House and Driveway Washing in Charlotte, NC

House driveway

We went out to pressure wash the green growth(algae) from the sidings of the home and we also power washed the mold off the driveway to remove the dark film on the concrete. I first diluted the vegetation surrounding the house, as well as tarp the plants and flowers as to ensure no damage. I then soaked the sidings in the prepared detergent and pre treated the mold on the driveway to essentially melt it away. I used a soft wash method to rinse the siding and then used high pressure on the concrete driveway to wash away the mold. Afterwards, I post treated the driveway to ensure if any possible leftover organics were in the pores of the concrete, it wouldn’t survive, leaving the driveway beautiful for much longer.


Client Review

He showed up on and was very professional. He explained the process and other options. He made sure I review everything before he left. I will refer McNeill Pressure Washing to others. Thank you.

- Janice B

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