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Oil Stain Treatment in Waxhaw, NC

Oil stain treatment

Okay, so we are really proud of this job and had to share it. I will attempt to make this short. We were contacted from a past customer to come out and quote her driveway to remove car fluid/ oil stains that leaked from recent car maintenance. These things are never easy, as we cannot guarantee results. There are many variables when it comes to this that prevents us from guaranteeing our work when it comes to oil stains and we always warn the customer of this before performing any work. We began with a standard pressure washing of the driveway. Afterward, we treated the spots with 5 different degreasers, then scrubbed with hard bristle brush on and off for over an hour. We then washed the concrete again but the spots only lightened a little bit. I explained everything before and after to the customer and she understood. She called me a few days later to come out and have one more look. I agreed. I came out and didn’t like the results and tried a risky last ditch move on the spots. And just like magic, boom, we got rid of the spots. The pictures reflect the wet driveway with dry spots where the oils was. How did we do it? With verrrryyyy careful but risky procedure… secret!!!


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