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Parking Deck Pressure Washing, in Charlotte, NC

Parking Deck Pressure Washing, in Charlotte, NC

Our company was called by Berkshire Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC to give a quote on a parking deck pressure washing. Since this is a commercial pressure washing quote, we went out in person to check it out. There are usually two ways we quote parking decks depending on the desired outcome from the company inquiring. This company wanted a standard cleaning, which includes a degreasing of the entire 100,000 sqft four level parking deck, followed by power washing with a surface cleaner, and finally the high pressure rinsing to complete it. Took us four days to complete. The other way of quoting is what was listed above, with the addition of gum removal, and a deep dive into clearing up the oil stains. That is very timely and as a result, more costly. In 99% of cases, oil stains look about 50% better but never completely comes out of concrete. Food stains, mildew, tire marks and the like usually come up with a standard cleaning. We finished this with happy customers, residents and a clean parking deck.

Location: Charlotte, NC

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