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Parking Lot Cleaning In Charlotte, NC

Parking Lot Cleaning In Charlotte, NC

McNeil Pressure Washing LLC was contacted to perform a new construction parking lot washing in the University area of Charlotte, NC. This building added on an expansion to their parking lot and wanted the red clay/dirt and debris washed from the new parking lot asphalt. The thing is, an acid wash is the most effective way to wash away dirt staining due to the iron in dirt, but asphalt is composed of crude oil so acid would break down the parking lot. In these scenarios, we wash parking lots with a mild soap and water.

Too much pressure will damage asphalt also, so we offer two ways of cleaning asphalt. The first is to just rinse all excess dirt and debris away. This is the method most places choose as it is most cost effective. This does not remove the haze of dirt once the parking lot dries though and dirt staining will be visible in areas. The second way is to power wash the dirt away and then surface clean/brush the parking lot, followed by another power wash with low psi. This will remove staining as well. This takes around triple the time so is much more costly. This will produce a better result when parking lot cleaning.

Our customers were happy with the final result and we look forward to assisting on their next project.

Location: Charlotte, NC

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