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Stone Paver Pressure Washing in Waxhaw, NC

Paver washing

McNeil Pressure Washing LLC received a call from a customer in Waxhaw, NC about restoring his stone pavers on his patio. He was concerned about how the pavers had faded and had built up “white streaks” all over them. He explained that he had a leak for about 6 months from his ac relief valve on the second floor, and that it had pooled on the patio and ruined the pavers over time. He finally got that fixed and called us to see if we could help with pressure washing the pavers. Upon arrival, he told me that he had been in touch with a restoration company and that it was going to cost thousands to resurface the stones.

After assessing the condition of the pavers, I noticed that the pavers were heavily soiled in both calcite and efflorescence, hence the “white streaks.” The calcite had been there a while and began to eat away at the grout in between. The customer wanted to know if we could help restore his pavers without getting it resurfaced by pressure washing them. I knew this would be a challenge but we wanted to help him save some money. Pressure washing alone is not the answer as that will not remove the calcite and efflorescence.

I first cleaned the pavers by pre-treating them to address any organic growth such as mold and algae and then pressure washed it. I then used three different commercial grade chemicals to address the calcite and efflorescence that was causing the fading and thick white blotches.

Once the pavers were treated for organic growth and had the minerals removed, we waited a full 24 hours for the surface to completely dry before returning to seal it. It is important not to miss this step as it is crucial for maximum bonding of the sealant to the pavers. Having the stone pavers sealed accomplished two things by helping to restore the shine back to the pavers that the mineral growth took from them, and also adds a layer of protection to repel water. The water repellant is very important, as it slows down the growth of organics and minerals, allowing the stone pavers to retain its beauty for years to come.

This customer saved over half the amount that he would have spent to get his pavers resurfaced, by contacting us to power wash his pavers and then seal them. He was very happy with the finished product as were we. Pressure washing alone is almost never the answer for exterior cleaning, but with our expertise, we couple that with other techniques and chemicals to reach the desired goals of our customers.

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