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The Best Roof Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

The Best Roof Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

We at were contacted by one of our past clients in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte, NC to perform a roof cleaning to address the black streaking and growth. Initially, they thought it was tree sapp, but we assured them that it was a microorganism called Gleoecapsa Magma. It is a prominent organic growth found often in the south and is often confused for mold or algae. Gleoecapsa magma is different than the other common growth on homes, as this will eat away at the limestone on the asphalt shingles and help them to fail much quicker when combined with the unforgiving uv rays of the sun. It causes the shingles to become brittle faster. In short, your roof ages much quicker without keeping it cleaned every so often. The cost of roof cleaning is often about 10% of what a roof replacement will be. We used our soft washing method as opposed to pressure washing, as the latter will damage the granules on the shingles, as well as break down the protection under the shingles. After our roof washing treatment is applied, we did not rinse it off. Results become apparent within a half hour of treatment. The solution used is potent, but loses strength with air and a little time, so we opt for the rain to wash it as it is much more safe for the environment, while producing a much better result.

Location: Charlotte, NC

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