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Walmart Parking Lot Cleaning in Huntersville, NC

Walmart Parking Lot Cleaning in Huntersville, NC

Keeping a beautifully clean storefront is an essential aspect of running a business. It helps communicate to the customer that the company cares. That’s why the builders that added on additional parking lot to Walmart in Huntersville, NC contacted us to perform a parking lot pressure washing. There was concrete dust, dirt, mud and more from all the heavy machinery and construction. We showed up, treated the asphalt with a mild, non caustic detergent and then at about 900psi. It’s important to be careful while washing asphalt as it is a petroleum based compound that can easily breakdown. It is a common error for companies to use degreaser or a strong detergent to clean asphalt parking lots, and in process, destroy the layers. It’s just like oil so must be very careful. We are professionals and can expertly clean your parking lot. Give us a call to get a quote on your parking lot cleaning.

Location: Huntersville, NC

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